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Welcome to Fakhniddin Ali Ahmad Teachers Training College, one of the premier institutions for Teacher Education under the prestigious Lalit Narayan Mithila University, Darbhanga. Established in 1995, the College offers top-quality education and training to prospective teachers, with well- established resources in terms of infrastructure, proficient faculties and vibrant curricular programmes. This educational gate way takes you to the expansive vista of a career that has been described- for good reason- as the best of all calling.
For the teachers it is not just a career, but one that grooms the "Generation Next", and sets the tone for posterity. The teacher moulds and directs the future generation by bringing up its human resources. It is a calling that touches alike the humble home and the wide world, the individual and society, the village and the metropolis, and fundamentally at that. There is in today's talent-driven world, a great demand for teachers of various disciplines, well trained and able to identify the latent potential of the students. The teacher's profession is a composite skill that needs to be developed and nurtured to provide caliber, competence and commitment. And that is what you get at Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad Teachers Training College. At the same time, we understand it is a skill that cannot be seen in isolation but as part of the overall personal make-up of the teacher. This is why we aim at the "Complete Teacher". Above all, we offer courses that reckon with enduring human values combined with an eye for the ever-changing strategies of teaching.

The College offers courses designed by the NCTE and also adopted by University and BSEB Patna but they are administered with unique imaginativeness and finesse. We deal with the nuances of human resource development and management, equip the trainees to cope with the changing profile of the profession, and familiarize them with the latest techniques and technology of Teachers Education.

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jiwachahat west P.O Kharua, Via-Muria Distt.Darbhanga, Bihar State.Bihar

+91 9430 281 531

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